We Donate

Our raspberry balsamic sorbae.


Stampede continues to exist through constant generosity and support from our surrounding community, we treasure the visitors to our shop and those who use our services, and we believe strongly in using the platform we have gained to directly help those who are in need.


50 cents from every scoop we sell is donated to Ngalla Maya.

Ngalla Maya is Not-For-Profit Organisation, directly assisting and bettering the lives of Indigenous Aboriginal people of Western Australia.

The organisation helps Indigenous Aboriginals transition from the prison system, to life in the community, training them in privately run facilities and assisting them to find jobs, and maintain a healthy life.


“Ngalla Maya works to inspire and commit former inmates to training and education opportunities that lead to employment. Ngalla Maya provides mentoring and psychosocial support to the trainee and to their family members if required.”