Q. Do I get to choose which flavours you bring to my event?

A. Unfortunately not. We make small batches of every flavour, ensuring the highest of quality, which means that we have a high turn over of gelato. Couple this with the fact that we have many events we service each week, we cannot guarantee which flavours we will have at the time of your event! We do however guarantee that we will have a wondrous spectrum of flavours to suit every craving. We will also always have a range of dietary options.

Q. How does your pricing work?

A. We first have a minimum set rate, then we work out the price based on how far away the event is from the Perth metro area and how many people we will be serving.

Q. How long do you stay for at events?

A. In our experience, 1-2 hours is plenty of time. It does however depend on how many people we are serving.

Q. How much Gelato do you bring with you?

A. We always bring 7 premium flavours, and 20% extra gelato than what you ordered. This extra 20% allows for some guests to have 2 or 3 scoops (this always happens). If we have gelato left over at the end of your event, we will pack it into tubs and give it to you to keep.

Q. What type of truck is that?

A. It’s an old posty truck from the military in the U.S from 1971! A Ford G100. Fun fact: It came already with the right hand drivers side, even though in the U.S they use the left hand side. It was designed so the postman didn’t have to get out of the truck to deliver mail whilst driving on the left side of the road.

Q. Where did you get the truck?

A. Found it on Gumtree, In Melbourne.

Q. Do you use egg in your product?

A. No egg, just butter and milk. Unless we make a cake batter flavour, like Orange and Poppyseed Cake Batter.

Q. How did you get into the gelato business?

A. We spent a few years living in the U.S, Specifically Portland, Oregon. The Ice Cream culture there is incredible, it inspired us to push for one just as exciting back in our home town.

Q. How did you learn to make gelato?

A. Google really does hold all the answers to our universe. On Google, seek and you shall find. No, this isn’t an add for Google, but there is lots of information online and plenty of books to read to learn about anything!

Q. How do you decide on your flavours?

A. Experimenting is the best way, we constantly try new combinations, which always spark new ideas. We take a lot of inspiration from visitors to the shop and what they do and don’t like, or suggestions they make. We also take notice of flavour trends happening locally, and around the world and try to create our own versions. Exciting flavours are really the forefront of our business, so it’s an absolute pleasure trying to come up with ones that people have never tried before!

Q. How far in advance can we book the truck or cart?

A. If you’re booking less than 1 year in advance, we require full payment to lock in your booking. If you’re booking more than 1 year in advance, we only take a deposit to secure your payment. The most we’ve ever booked in advance is 2 years, but we can book more than 2 years in advance.

Q. Do you have a minimum fee?

A. Yes, a $400 + GST minimum fee for each booking.

Q. Whats the minimum or maximum amount of gelato you serve?

A. 50 is generally the minimum amount of people we can serve, but we are open for discussion. To this date, the most we have served gelato to is 20,000 guests.

Q. Do the truck and cart cost the same?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you wholesale?

A. We used to, but not currently.

Q. Whats the difference between Ice Cream and Gelato?

A. Gelato generally has less fat, as ice-cream is generally made with cream.