Solar Powered Gelato

It’s very cute.

Our solar powered posty van turned gelato truck at a wedding.

Our solar powered posty van turned gelato truck at a wedding.


It’s a FordG100, an old postal van from the USA which was reportedly used in the military in a prior life. We found it on Gumtree in Melbourne and had it sent over on the back of a truck after an exceptionally scary and sketchy Gumtree transaction, in the middle of the night, in the bush, in cash. It started of as just a matte black shell, we hand painted the interior and built in everything to fit, slowly bringing it to life with some love and care.

We installed two solar panels that sit on the roof, which power the freezer/lights/music inside the truck. No smelly or noisy generators, which means that all we have to do is pull up, pop the side door and begin scooping. The truck measures 2.5m tall, 2m wide and 3.5m long, it’s tiny and easily manoeuvrable making it easily accessible for all sorts of different venues and backyards.



We only use compostable cups, spoons and serviettes.


If we could figure out a sustainable way to have real plants in the truck, we would.


The truck set up ready for a market.


Always vegan waffle cones!


Scooping some of our cinnamon scroll cake batter gelato


The hand painted interior.


Set up at a festival